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Bike 101 for Kids (Single Workshop)

Bike 101 for Kids (Single Workshop)

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Is your child struggling to ride a bike? The Jersey City Bicycle Company offers fun, proven methods that bring the joy of biking to kids! Our kid-friendly guides provide a perfect blend of personalized and group instruction to help conquer fears and master essential skills like balance, starting, stopping, and maneuvering around obstacles. Sometimes a single lesson is all it takes, but we welcome students as many times as they'd like to attend.To ensure safety and comfort, please bring a properly fitted bike for your child, ensuring they can sit on the seat with their feet flat on the ground. Our courses are suitable for riders aged 5 to 12. Accompanying adults must remain onsite during the lessons.

What's Included?

  • Children will learn balance, braking, steering, stopping, and starting in a fun, interactive class.
  • They will receive a mix of personalized and group instruction to help them overcome fears and master important skills.
  • Children will learn basic bicycle safety.
  • Please bring a properly fitted bicycle with the training wheels removed & a helmet for safety.

How many students are in each workshop?

We keep our workshops small so we can make sure to give personalized attention to each student.

Each workshop is capped at 4 riders.

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